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1. Creativity in the fashion industry might be a more general model for the entertainment industry.  But let us not forget differing levels of fixed and capital costs.

2. People in small, tribal societies have the most violence in their dreams.

3. Richard Epstein’s new book.

4. Markets in Everything, this time Hasidic reggae.

5. "Brincos" are special sneakers, equipped with secret storage compartments, for illegal aliens to cross the border.  Now they are hip.

6. Matt Yglesias on the bureaucratic infighting behind the resignation of Larry Summers.  Here is more.

7. Quantum computers that work even without running.


Related to #1, check out "The Piracy Paradox: Innovation and Intellectual Property in Fashion Design by Kal Raustiala and Chris Sprigman, a recent UVA law school working paper.

Matisyahu is awesome, and I say this as a white Gentile atheist.

- Josh

Fashion: One of the most vexing of all the arts...I just don't see the comparison. A wrap is a wrap and a fur coat is a fur coat. Pants? Still pants.
5,000 years just has not seemed to make a big difference...
Where's the fashion industries "silent film" era?
And fashion's Giotto (who, seemingly wore about the same thing as John Belushi in Animal House 500 years later)?
Fashion's Da Vinci? Jazz?
I don't think the music/movie/art vs. fashion piracy thing really works.
Maybe fashion vs. receipe piracy.
By the way, I loved the Bob Mackie show at New Yorks FIT some years ago...I'm not someone who thinks good fashion is easy to pull off.

Slocum: good point. Even if one has an idea -borrowed or not- the product development, sourcing and production costs can be significant barriers to "theft". And honestly, most of the people doing knock offs are making lousier products than the original. Often, the ones doing knock offs are start up ventures themselves. Insult to injury, it is not unusual for a knock off "designer" to press potential contractors into signing non-disclosures. Really. I've seen everything.

There's a newish blog on fashion related IP at (no affiliation).

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