Polar bears are taking over the south Pacific

These days I am up for another TV show, so I tried Lost.  The plane crashes between LA and Sydney, and before episode one is over they have encountered a polar bear (sound familiar?).  So far I like it.  Real rates of return appear to be negative, a virtual prerequisite for good tragedy.  Next on my list is 24, but it will take a few months for me to get there.

In the meantime, suggest another topic for blogging.  Three separate mentions are required for the topic, and again I rule out the libelous, the obscene, and the physically impossible.  Mulch I already have covered.  I will return to the topic of "advice" (thank you for the kind words), so no need to mention that either.  Comments, of course, are open.

Addendum: Here are more Cheney jokes, do follow the link to the WSJ page.

Second addendum: Ladies and gentleman, "exercise" is the winner but I will take ideas from further suggestions in the comments, so keep on adding topics if you wish.


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