The economics of polygamy

The new HBO series Big Love presents a polygamous family, raising the obvious questions.  Here is Ted Bergstrom on the economics of polygamy.  Here is Tim Harford on polygamy.  Excerpt:

It’s hardly surprising that in most polygynous societies, the bride’s
family gets large payments in exchange for her hand in marriage. If
polygyny combined with women’s rights, I bet we’d see more promises to
wash the dishes. Not everybody would have to share a husband, but I can
think of some who might prefer half of Orlando Bloom to all of Tim
Harford–including my wife.

In my bones I am a square who believes this arrangement cannot be best.  Economists might question how polygamy makes women worse off, since they can always decline the arrangement.  You might try a story about how the family, not the woman, captures the dowry payment and uses it to help their sons buy more wives (see Bergstrom, noting also that the very presence of polygamy shifts the outcome of the bargaining game with the family).  Or you might try a story about sexually frustrated males who are led to revolt, thus destroying social order.

How about the trade-off between quality and quantity of children?  A genetically talented father with many wives will likely maximize the quantity of children rather than their quality.  This has a long-run negative externality, especially if you believe in the Lucas-Uzawa models of economic growth, or some approximation thereof.  You would rather be in a society with fewer but more talented people.  Switzerland rather than India.  The loser is not the wives but rather the next generation of children.  A piece in the February JPE also notes that the children may substitute for savings and thus polygamy can stunt capital formation; I take this as another version of the same argument.

The bottom line?  We should encourage family structures that spur human capital formation.  Polygamy does not do the trick.  Comments are open…


I see little reason why a free-market would choose only polygyny or polyandry, and therefore, not suprisingly, imagining scenarios regarding only one of these is unlikely to lead to good things.

I think it'd be more interesting to look at the economics of other forms of polygamy, such as the various group marriage types described in Robert Heinleing novels, such as "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress".

I also think it's foolish to mix up other details of societies that have polygamy with how polygamy might work in our society. I see no reason that polygamy would necessarily lead to dowries making a come-back. Nor do I think it's difficult to recognize that polygamy in Utah, where the participants are by definition willing to break the law primarily for religious reasons, is not a good case study, as the main comment on Tim Harford's piece implies. The illegal and immoral acts of outlaw-fanatics is unlikely to shed much light on legal polygamy in our society.

"It's hardly surprising that in most polygynous societies, the bride's family gets large payments in exchange for her hand in marriage. If polygyny combined with women's rights, I bet we'd see more promises to wash the dishes."

I bet not. Husbands promising to wash the dishes is NOT AT ALL what we see in existing societies that practice polygyny. As Tyler suggests, the enhanced value tends to translate not into enhanced status or power for the women but lower status and a tendency to treat women as high-priced property of male-dominated families and clans. And women who 'destroy their own value' (through unauthorized romantic activity) are treated as harshly as escaping slaves who were thought to be 'stealing their owner's property'.

What is far more likely to enhance female power (and lead husbands to treat them well) is independent earnings that enable a woman to leave and live with no official husband rather than leave and sign up as the Nth wife of Orlando Bloom. As, indeed, we see--the modern societies that offer women greatest independence also tend to produce the best treatment of them in marriage.

It is *so much* easier to augment quantity of kids with five wives rather than one. Or so I would think.


I would agree with Nancy. The Middle East is the major area where Polygyny is still practiced. From statistics I've seen only about 4% of the population practices it. For those of you questioning Tyler's point about quantitiy of children versus quality, I think the implicit point is that fathers in polygynous situations will spend less time and fewer resourecs on their many children. Of course if you ahve an increadibly talented father with an enormous number of resources this might not occur. In addition, I would suggest that if people were allowed to freely choose men could only enter polygynous arrangments if they were willing to accept women of substantially lower quality then themselves. To see this imagine that quality of men and women is distributed uniformly [0,1]. Assume that people practice assortive mating, i.e they want to be with someone of similar or greater quality then themselves. Further assume that in a polygynous situation them apply a 1/n factor to the quality factor of their mate (since they only get 1/n his time). AS this simple model implies evena high quality (say 0.99) can get one high quality woman or two women of quality <=0.49 or four women of quality or 4 women of quality <=0.24 etc. Of course with different distributions the results might not be so stark. With an exponential distribution it might make sense for very high quality men to marry several women particualrly if there is some uncertainty associated with quality. However, I think the basic point holds. More of lower quality fewer of higher quality.

All of the data is antecdotal, of course, but the stories that are told about professional athletes (especially pro basketball players and Steve Garvey) would seem to support Tyler's argument about quantity over quality - although you can fairly ask what we should use as a comparison on the "quality" level.

"How about the trade-off between quality and quantity of children? A genetically talented father with many wives will likely maximize the quantity of children rather than their quality. This has a long-run negative externality, especially if you believe in the Lucas-Uzawa models of
economic growth, or some approximation thereof."

But there's a positive externality from genetically talented fathers having more kids, and from genetically less talented fathers having fewer kids.

Now the genetically talented father might be having his kids from several genetically less talented women, but his genes still contribute, and those women would otherwise be having babies with genetically less talented men, so there's an overall improvement.

For the reasons Ken gives, I think that any conclusion about the quantity/quality divide would have to assume quite a bit more than we know about the relative importance of genetics vs. the importance of investment/attention/etc.

Most of the comments seem to have in mind a society with relatively equal income distribution. but if you have a society with extremely unequal income distribution wouldn't you have a situation where the man that could afford multiple wives would also be able to provide his children a much richer educational--social environment then the much poorer male that could not afford multiple wives?

Of course this also goes to the comments about nature vs nuture.

Why couldn't we also have situations in which one wife has several husbands?

The quality vs quantity argument seems to be missing a crucial lower bound. If the system of gender relations results in the number of children per woman falling below the replacement rate then the system will not be sustainable. Relatively wealthy nations with Enlightened gender relations find their populations dwindling even though the resources per child are higher than many parts of the world. At some point the extra quality (measured by resources and/or genetics)doesn't compensate for quantity.

From whence comes the notion that the man with several wives is genetically superior and produces genetically superior children? Reducing the number of males who reproduce reduces the genetic diversity of the population. Recessive genes that may be rarely a problem would become common enough to produce significant genetic problems as it becomes more likely that a child inherits two copies of a bad gene. Polygyny is just another name for inbreeding.

Doesn't all this talk about "genetic quality" vs. quantity imply a one-dimensional view of quality? Isn't that an absurd way to think?

Given two people who differ in intelligence, talents, health, physical abilities, hair color, etc. it is meaningless at best to discuss which is "genetically inferior." And it is truly frightening that this thread just skips past the issue.

Theer is an economic point here as well, though it is dwarfed by the moral issue. Doesn't a diversity of talents lead, among other things, to a more prosperous society, as individuals are able to profitably specialize and engage in trade.

"You would rather be in a society with fewer but more talented people."
Maybe, but I'd really like to have two wives.

"Men are much too competitive and jealous to share women with other men. Women are different."

I might suggest that most women would also be less than excited about sharing. This is the first time I have heard the idea that women are neither jealous of nor competitive with each other, though, so perhaps there is novel support for the claim.

Let's not forget sexual dimorphism. Human males are slightly bigger than females, which biologically means that humans are adapted to have about 3 females for each male given what we see in other mammals. That's not necessarily an argument for polygamy being good; nature is not necessarily evolving us to be in the optimal capital formation units. But it's something to think about.

A recent copy of Utne had information related to this topic:

Why are several people assuming that the primary causal direction is polygyny --> low women's rights, rather than vice versa?

I'll at least offer a suggestion:

We should also be considering the bargaining position of women when, instead of most of the "good men [being] gone", they are essentially all still available. Combine polygyny with high individual rights for women, and you seem to get a situation where a woman risks comparatively very little in breaking off an unsatisfying present arrangement. (Although support for non-biological children present a complication, which goes to genetic/memetic issues vis a vis parenting.) If the women become more mobile, then the men's arrangements naturally do as well. So perhaps low rights for women under polygyny ends up being a necessary strategy to prevent harmful instabilities in family structure.

Oh please. As if international IQ comparisons are a useful guide to the effects of cultural differences. Why not single out cousin marriage and diet, which we have reason to expect to impact IQ, rather than the details of family structure, which we have reason to expect not to.

And Japan has unusually high levels of cousin marriage by Western standards.

You miss the obvious question of "What is the optimal polygomist family structure to be sure that one always has a willing hetro-partner when desired?"

If God had intended for Adam to be a polygamist, it would had been just as easy for God to have made for Adam a woman from each of his ribs, instead God took only one rib from Adam and made Eve, thus God gave Adam one wife, and both became one flesh.
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I've personally known a few children of polygamous AND polyandrous families and to be honest...the children from polyandrous families fare much better than those of polygnous families and one of the biggest reasons why is because the children who share the same mother but different fathers always tend to get along with each other and are bonded better than those who share the same father but different mothers...

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