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Jeff Miron has a new blog.  Miron is the author of Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition, a superb economic analysis of the war on drugs (I was the editor).  He is also known for his work on seasonal business cycles (see also here for Tyler’s take).  The new blog, based in part on a course Jeff is teaching at Harvard has three themes.

first is that consequential libertarianism is consistent in its
approach to the issues. Modern liberalism and conservatism are not.

second theme is that both liberals and conservatives advocate massive
amounts of government intervention. The two perspectives disagree about
precise policy choices, but overall they are far more similar than
different. The libertarian perspective, however, is truly distinct from
either mainstream view.

The third theme is that most economic
and social problems are best addressed by eliminating the government
interventions that caused or exacerbated the problem in the first
place. Creating even more government is never a sensible approach.

Welcome to the blogosphere Jeff!


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