The absurd propositions you all believe

1. Many more of the propositions increased your perceived self-importance than decreased it.  Very long life or immortality was an especially popular notion.  No one expected to die tomorrow, or suggested that they might be more of a rat-faced git than the rest of us.

2. I was surprised how long it took for non-human animals to be mentioned.

3. Frankly I found most of your ideas pretty absurd. 

4. That being said, I too thought Ishtar was a good movie.

5. Only in the blogosphere might it be considered "absurd" to call space elevators "a dead end."

6. My favorite absurd idea was from Megan (not McArdle, at least I think not): "I believe that if you go to the beach, but you do not give the ocean a
chance to taste you, she will come take her taste when she chooses."

7. I also like am’s notion that: "beliefs are they are defined do not exist in any meaningful sense. We
use the word only to provide a sense of narrative continuity to our
decisions and actions."

8. After reading other people’s absurd ideas, how many of you have begun to view your own idea as not only absurd but downright wrong?  If so, please enter and explain your recent epistemic revelation in the comments.


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