How happy should I be?

Sometimes I will pull up to a red light and be, in the middle of the day, the first car in line waiting for the green.  (Northern Virginia, of course, has its fair share of traffic, so this is unusual but it does happen.)  I often wonder: should I be happy?

Under one view, I should be unhappy.  The absence of other cars means the light hasn’t been red for very long.  That suggests I have a relatively long time to wait for a green.

Under another view, I should be happy.  It is a brute fact, carved into "the furniture of the universe," when the light will turn green.  How many cars I see won’t change that.  I should be happy that no cars will impede my forward progress.

Much rests on this question.  I am very happy to have the friends I do.  But exactly how happy should I be?

Should I be happy if I know the answer to this question?  Or would knowing be like seeing no other cars around?


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