Red Dawn

Brad just doesn’t know right-wing agitprop.  My friends walked out, but I exited the theater, pumped my fist in the air and shouted, Wolverines!  (That’s when I first knew I was a rather odd Canadian – perhaps this was destiny.)

Comments are open if you have any idea what I am talking about – this will provide a test of Ben Domenech’s thesis.  My apologies if you are utterly mystified.


Dan Klein and I saw this movie the first night it came out. We were disappointed, as I recall, I had been expecting something truly cathartic. Plus even then I had read even Alexander Cockburn to think the movie was not picking the right enemy. It should have been the Canadians invading.

Can I add my enjoyment of this film to Tyler's previous post on absurd things in which one believes?

Maybe it's because I first saw it when I was young, but I simply love that movie. Now if only I could figure out a way to inflict this film on my liberal friends in Madison. That would at least double the entertainment value.

Wolverines. The high school sports team as rallying point. Understand now why the PC socialists are so hot to destroy those names? No future rallying points for opposition to them.

It was a guns-and-freedom movie, but it had interesting little bits pointed the other way. I haven't watched it years, but wasn't it a Cuban officer who made a little speech about becoming that which he hated?

And didn't the image of home grown teenagers setting IEDs to hit enemy army convoys come back to haunt anyone recently? You know, after 'they' airdrop themselves into 'our' backyard?

It certainly struck me two years ago that this film must have found a whole new audience.

I don't get why "red staters" would identify with the resistance in Red Dawn given that they were resisting occupation by outside powers. Whether or not we're right to be in Iraq, its hard to see how the red staters are in any way heroically resisting anything.

If it annoys DeLong it must have something going for it. But, are there really people here who equate 1980s USA with Saddam's Iraq?

This is a joke, right? I've always loved that movie and I always will, despite the fact that my political idealogy has shifted significantly in the last 20 years. I can't believe that anyone actually takes it seriously. Sure, you might over-identify with it or strongly disagree with its message (meager as it truly was), but it's freakin' Red Dawn.

I was very young when it was released and so never saw it in the theater. Did people actually walk out because of its "political" message? On the bright side, it again appears that the world has always been insane and recent happenings are only par for the course and not something radically different from the norm.

I think right-wingers love that movie because they kill latinos.

Who can forget the scene in Red Dawn where C. Thomas Howell loads a car with explosives and drives into a crowded church full of Americans?

Yep, that Iraqi insurgency is just like the movie. Spooky!

Some useless trivia (the best kind): Red Dawn was the first movie ever to be released with the PG-13 rating.

I think right-wingers love that movie because they kill latinos.

If I could speak up for my fellow gun-toting "right wingers," for the moment, we love the movie because they kill commies, not Latinos.


And lastly, the film was pure John Milius. Enough said.

Red Dawn movie rating on Amazon: 2,535. Broadcast News movie rating on Amazon: 4,268.

I loved "Red Dawn". I believe the board game "Fortress America" came out around the same times as that movie.

I vote cheesy throw-away. Why? Because the cheese has gone very bad.

This discussion shows how much liberals do not understand Americans.

Really? I thought it was pretty easy for the invaders to crack the U.S. in FA.

Red Dawn was a good bad movie, but I thought it also had a bit of an anti-war message in it, like having the Soviet cammander get a little burned out, and showed how he was just doing his job, and then Powers Booth (the kind of bad good movies)as a war weary pilot. However it has been so long since I saw it that I could be wrong.

They Live is quite simply the greatest bad movie ever made, Rowdy Roddy Piper was awesome.

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