Missing words

Often after I’ve heard of something for the first time – a food, a place, a person — I start hearing about it everywhere.  Shouldn’t there be a word for this?

"Newbiquitous" is suggested.

Is there a word for the common experience of saying something to your child and then realizing — often with a shock — that you sound like one of your own parents?

"Mamamorphosis" is one idea.

My husband and I are in search of a word for the fear of throwing a party and having no one show up.


How about people who hit the "send" button for email without first attaching the file?

"Deficit sending" is recommended.  Or "sends of omission."

Jonathan Zuber wants "…a verb meaning ‘to go do something and return having absentmindedly done one or more other things instead.’""

Any ideas?

You can put other requests, or suggestions, in the comments…


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