Missing words

Often after I’ve heard of something for the first time – a food, a place, a person — I start hearing about it everywhere.  Shouldn’t there be a word for this?

"Newbiquitous" is suggested.

Is there a word for the common experience of saying something to your child and then realizing — often with a shock — that you sound like one of your own parents?

"Mamamorphosis" is one idea.

My husband and I are in search of a word for the fear of throwing a party and having no one show up.


How about people who hit the "send" button for email without first attaching the file?

"Deficit sending" is recommended.  Or "sends of omission."

Jonathan Zuber wants "…a verb meaning ‘to go do something and return having absentmindedly done one or more other things instead.’""

Any ideas?

You can put other requests, or suggestions, in the comments…


I want better words to describe someone who is no longer subject to death from most diseases or old age, but who can still be killed via accidental injury or homicide. "Immortal" implies that one is immune from all causes of death (including accidental injury). "Ageless" also seems to be a misnomer--they will still have an age, but they won't have the physical debilitation that is now nearly synonymous with age. To say they have an "indefinite lifespan" seems clumsy. Any suggestions?

Recently, the interest rate yield curve was inverted. I think that when it goes back to normal it should said to "unvert."

I'm still waiting for Chinese 'renao' to be adopted as an english word...

If resureccting an obsolete word counts, I nominate "velleity." It means the slightest possible urge or whim, the sort that produces a moment's thought but never leads to any action.

I have such a need for velleity that I'm resurrecting it immediately. :)


immorbid. adj. Not subject to life-threatening disease or deterioration. (Coined by Wil McCarthy in his novel, The Collapsium [2000])

Thanks, Damien!

"That's basically having something 'on the tip of your tongue.' How about tongue-tipped' for brevity?"

"Tongue-tipped" is adequate, however I'd like something closer to a word than an amalgam of a phrase. A word I'm thinking of to describe this experience could be "menlapse."

The folks at languagelog tend to refer to the "newbiquity" phenomenon as the "recency illusion."

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