Opposite Day: Axel on the FDA

Cousin Alex says the FDA is paternalistic.  Yah, it is paternalistic.  Paternalism is good. 

You know what would happen without vater FDA?  Herr Trudeau sells 1.5 million copies of Natural Cures "They" Don’t Want You to Know About, that’s what happens.  When left to their own thinking die volk swarms to an ex-con who has been banned from the airwaves by the FTC for marketing "Japanese" marine coral with claims that it can cure cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lupus, and other illness.  If it were up to me this guy would be jailed.  But the FTC can’t stop him from selling his book.  Silly first amendment.  Don’t you Americans know the truth is more important than free speech?

Libertarians say how can you trust people to make decisions about toothpaste but not about their own health?  Zat is an easy one.  No one buys toothpaste out of fear.  But sick people don’t think rationally they are emotional they hold out hope, even the kind of hope that "they" don’t want them to know about.  Father FDA must protect them.

Libertarians will respond that the tort law protects consumers from fraud.  Need I tell you who has the best book on the problems with tort law?


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