Religious maps

Here are the Lutherans:


Here are the details and maps of many other religions.


As a WELS Lutheran, we always looked on the ELCA as the largest but "liberal" Lutheran synod, with homosexuals and women preachers, hardly Christians at all. So I had the impression they lived out East in New England. How weird it is to look at the map and see they're basically all in North Dakota. We had up our inferiority complex and theological barricades against a bunch of free-living liberal North Dakota Germans! The smaller the difference, the deeper the divisions, I guess.

This site has nothing to do with Lutherans, but its worth a chuckle:

Great link! Very interesting to compare the distribution of the various religious groups. Most of them were expected, but I was surprised by the distribution of the Petnecostals.

If you like maps like this, you might also like this post. It has links to many different kinds of maps visually representing many kinds of information.

That's just hard to get accurate. I know for a fact that you can't turn around without hitting a Pentecostal in Louisiana, but they are a very divided group with many, many splinter groups and independents.

There are large groups of Pentecostals that do not subscribe to the trinity doctrine, and are usually left out of "official" counts as the Assemblies of God, and other major Pentecostal sects typically regard them as heretics. But Louisiana is just thick with these types of Pentecostals.

Not just New Braunfels, it's the Hill Country. So is there a map cross-correlating good food with religion and/or ancestry. (I recall a BBQ series of posts, the result of which I don't recall or never saw.)

Now you know what North Dakota and Namibia have in common.

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