Sex ratios matter

That is a more general way of putting my immigration point from two days ago.  Prevailing debates focus on the number of immigrants, or perhaps their legality, but there is a broader point.

Do we want more men or more women?  Having women around improves the behavior of the men.  On the other hand, if you fear Hispanic culture and its sheer numbers, lots of rootless men may be the best we can do.  They won’t have many children.  Then you should be a little happier with the status quo than many people are. 

If you are a cosmopolitan, you might be willing to accept lower numbers of immigrants in return for more women, or a higher percentage of women.  This could mean larger numbers of American-born Latinos in the long run and of course fewer suffering "old maids" (you can attain this status by your early twenties) back in Mexico.


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