Jobs in everything — Smithian theme of the day

We profiled chemist Jesse Keifer, who works as a gumologist at Cadbury
Schweppes, a multi-billion dollar corporation and one of the world’s
largest confectioners. And while you can find lots of Trident at any
local store, you’d be hard-pressed to find another gumologist. In fact
a Google search returned a handful of links, most leading to Jesse.

Others, like James Niehues, find unusual ways to make a living with
their artistic talent by illustrating ski resorts. Still, others make a
living preserving the fountain pen, a writing tool that dates back many
centuries. And another who takes pride in restoring the nostalgic
kiddie ride.

Here is more information.  Click on the "Photo Gallery" for the material.  My favorite is the Movie Prop Replicator.  What was that old saying about the division of labor?


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