Why I love the suburbs

1. We live 30 minutes from Washington but we also have a fox in the backyard.  Deer are a frequent sight as well.

2. Chinese restaurants are usually better in the suburbs these days.

3. Driving is fun and a good way to experience music.  MR readers know I favor a (revenue-neutral) gas tax.  My worry is that car culture makes people more individualistic and thus I have some reluctance to tax this trend.  Try Chuck Berry’s "No Particular Place To Go."

4. A few weeks ago, the first Fairfax County police officer died in the line of duty.  That’s the first ever.  In New Jersey, where I grew up, you might speak of the first local cop to die today.

5. Many of my friends who live in Manhattan lose interest in global travel or never acquire it.  Sadly they feel they already have everything they need from the world right at home. 

Natasha and I talk of retiring in New York City.  But are we up for it?  I’ve started subscribing to New York magazine.  Sometimes it is interesting; more to the point I can pretend I might someday live there.

I’ll cover Jane Jacobs soon.


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