Is a human-chimp chimera possible?

In species where females are promiscuous, there is a big conflict of
interest between males and females over the amount of resources each
child should get. The father of one child probably won’t be the father
of the next (or even of others in the same litter), so his genes —
which he passes on to the child — should evolve to try to get more
resources for his offspring. Genes that come from the mother,
meanwhile, evolve to suppress this effect, so that all her offspring
aren’t fighting each other for resources. In species where females are
monogamous, in contrast, male and female interests are more or less the
same, since the same male is likely to sire many litters with the same

In humans, mice and other mammals of our sort, the
activities of the placenta are — ready for this? — largely controlled
by the father’s genes. Now consider what happens when certain close
species try to mate. Female deer mice are much more promiscuous than
female oldfield mice, so a male deer mouse’s genes are predicted to
fight for resources much more than a male oldfield mouse’s genes would.
Consistent with this, when a male deer mouse mates with a female
oldfield mouse, both placenta and fetus become huge, and the mother
often dies. Any fetus that manages to be born is one third bigger than
babies from either species usually are. When the oldfield mouse is the
father, on the other hand, the pregnancy is much less risky for the
mother — but the baby is a runt.

…female chimpanzees are much, much more promiscuous than human females.
So, assuming you could get fertilization, here’s my prediction: if the
chimpanzee were the father, the pregnancy would be extremely dangerous
for the mother. Probably, few pregnancies could be carried to term. Any
children that did result would be huge. In contrast, if the human were
the father, the children would be small, and both mother and child
would be more likely to survive.


I would have expected more, but only when also thinking about other species chimeras.
Did you read the Nature article about interbreding of human and chimp ancestors when you thought about that? -> Here's a nice article about it:

There were also thoughts of injecting human stem cells in mouse brains. I Hope they don't end up like Pinky and the Brain ;)
Is it moral to do that? And what are the legal rights of those humans/animals/chimeras? Is there already someone thinking about this?

This may be a little bit offtopic, but I think about that often, especially when I think about genetic modification of human babies. I believe there will be a huge black market, especially in countries like China where parents have only one chance and don't want to trust nature. Just modify it a little bit for their needs: son, no inherited disease, more intelligent, good looks (I think thats very hard to do genetically) Monetary this would be wiser to do before birth when you weight it against the costs of medicine, schooling, tutoring etc.

Oh, and why would it be black market? It's not like the Chinese are Catholic - this sort of thing would probably be perfectly legal there.

Sorry about the munged link. That first line should be:

Mice are cute but ligers and tigrons pack more narrative punch.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Chimps have 24. It is unlikely that straight cross-fertilization would produce viable offspring.

Splicing human genes into chimp chromosomes on the other hand ...

Horses and donkeys have different numbers of chromosomes too, but they can produce offspring... I believe that there are other crosses between species with different numbers of chromosomes as well. So that's not an insuperable objection.

Is this a possible explanation for our President?

K Huna,

You wrote:
"Is this a possible explanation for our President?"

NO, but a Manatee cross may account for Teddy K.

What makes you think humans aren't used today for medical experiments? There are many examples in the past (some,like with sexually aquired diseases, in the USA), and I'm sure it happens in places like China.

Humans are perfect in every way we do not need to cross breed our species with that of animals, if it was meant to be it would have already happened naturally. I accuse you mad theorist bunch as being the same perverts that frequent the bestiality sites. Patrick how dare you offer your womb for these evil experiments, if you had one you monster as a woman you would not even consider it. Shame on you people.

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