Macro book bleg

Most of my reading list consists of technical macro articles (I’ll post the new one when it is ready).  But all students — even in Ph.d. macro — deserve a break.  At least one of the readings should be literary and mostly fun, albeit stuffed with substance.  Last year I used Paul Blustein’s And the Money Kept Rolling In, a study of Argentina.

I will use Blustein again but I might add another book.  It should be readable, not too long, about something that matters, and of course have macroeconomic themes.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

Here is Brad DeLong’s book bleg; he wants to show his class that modern institutions are contingent rather than necessary.  I want to inform them about current events or perhaps history.

Here are responses to Brad from CrookedTimber, none of which are very useful for a Ph.d. macro class.  They are focused on economic anthropology.


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