Markets in Everything — alibi edition

Our very first installment of Markets in Everything dealt with fake alibis for philandering husbands.  Now the concept has been carried further:

$500, nobody will believe you weren’t sunning yourself last week on
Copacabana Beach, just before you trekked through the Amazon rain
forest and slept in a thatched hut. Hey! That’s you, arms outstretched like Kate Winslet on the bow of the Titanic, on top of Corcovado!

Persey Tours was barely keeping the bill collectors at bay before it
started offering fake vacations last year. Now it’s selling 15 a month
– providing ersatz ticket stubs, hotel receipts, photos with clients’
images superimposed on famous landmarks, a few souvenirs for living
room shelves.

If the customer is an errant husband who wants his wife to believe he’s
on a fishing trip, Persey offers not just photos of him on the river,
but a cellphone with a distant number, a lodge that if anyone calls
will swear the husband is checked in but not available, and a few dead
fish on ice.

Thanks to Pablo Halkyard for the pointer.


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