Markets in everything, Japanese style

Safe for work, but deeply painful.  I laughed so hard I cried.  No matter what the text says, it is a Japanese comedy team; hat tip to Jason Kottke. 

If you are going to completely ignore one MR post this year, it should be this one.  Here is more of their stuff.


O come on, that is one bloody show, that has been famous for exactly this thing for like 20 years. That's like putting clips of Price is right and pretending that any show on tv is that ridiculous. You know what "long tail" represents exaclty this sort of programming


why so defensive? this is f****** funny. i'm still pissing my pants.

That was hillarious, of course it's "pedestrian". It belongs on MR because "all work and no joy, makes Jack a dull boy".

I grew up in Tokyo, and I the only TV like this is Downtown and similar spin offs sure downtown is on tv quite a bit, but this really is hardly typical of Japanese tev.

Clearly Dr. Cowen still is still reeling from the shirt folding video.

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