Repent and be rewarded

…the Yobe State Government [in Nigeria, AT] determined to curb the
spate of armed robbery in the state introduced a novel anti-crime,
social protection programme, what it termed "the repentant robbers
scheme". The objective was to encourage armed robbers in the state to
confess to their sins, and if they did and signed up for the programme,
the state offered to pay them a sum of N5, 200 per month. The repentant
robbers were only required to swear with the Holy Qu’ran that they
would never again return to their bad ways.

    Either the government does not understand elasticity of supply, surely the elasticity of supply of "repentant robbers" is infinite or they believe that they public does not understand the concept of time consistency.  Either way this does not seem like a good program.  More on the story here.


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