What is Robert Skidelsky doing?

That’s Lord Skidelsky, author of the excellent biographies of Keynes.  His Oswald Mosley biography earned him much enmity in academia.  And now?

Late in life, the historian and peer of the realm has re-connected with
his Russian roots. He has learned the language (he took his A-level at
the age of 64) and keeps a flat in Moscow. "I went there first in the
early 90s to research a book called The World After Communism," he
says. "Now I’ve started to feel more Russian, I go at least half a
dozen times a year." He also travels regularly in the other direction.
He is on the board of one of the most successful mutual funds in
America and is about to become a director of a large employment agency
in Florida. "I’m just modestly restoring the Skidelsky family fortune
after all those years in academia," he says.

Here is the full story, and thanks to www.politicaltheory.info for the pointer.


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