10 Things You Shouldn’t Buy New

A MSN.com article lists the following:

1. Books

2. DVDs and CDs

3. Little kids’ toys

4. Jewelry (TC: Uh-Oh)

5. Sports equipment

6. Cars

7. Software and console games

8. Office furniture

9. Timeshares

10. Handtools

I agree except for numbers four and six, but on four I wish I could agree.  The common feature of the argument seems to be that we can do without "the gloss of the new" by a mere act of will.

But don’t buy helmets, laptops, wet suits, or vacuum cleaners used, they often have hidden damage.  They forgot to list underwear.

Addendum: As long as we are on the topic of "ten," here is Guy Kawasaki’s "Ten Things They Should Teach You in School," recommended.


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