Claims I dare not make at home

Mexico…is a dynamic, one trillion dollar economy and along with Canada, our largest trading partner.  Its per capita income is $10,000, which puts it at the upper tier of middle income countries, not far behind Russia’s per capita income of $11,000.  Compared with Russia, however, Mexico has a much better developed infrastructure of highways, ports, railroads, telecommunications, and social services that give it a poverty rate of 18% rather than 40%, as well as a male life expectancy of 73 years rather than 61 years (U.S. figures are 12% and 75 years, respectively).  Unlike Russia, moreover, Mexico is a functioning democracy with open and competitive elections, a separation of powers, and a well-defined party system.

Here is much more, mostly on Mexican immigration, and thanks to Will Wilkinson for the pointer.  I cannot, however, agree with all of the claims and rhetoric in the article.  I would not, for instance, have denied that Mexico is "impoverished."  Even this non-egalitarian feels compelled to point out that Mexico has one of the least equal income distributions in the world…


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