Must-see photo sequence

It starts here, from Xavier Sala-i-Martin, via of Bryan Caplan.  Bryan himself is proof positive of his point.


LOL! ;-)

Chrikey on a bikey, Tyler, the Sala-i-Martin website has been hanging around (and providing material for "how not to" sections of web design classes) since the invention of the internet (or at least, the invention of the horrible animated .gif file). What next, the relief of Mafeking?

Ditto on the age of that site (although it is always a fun place to look around). More interestingly [and challenging Caplan's assertion], is there a SECOND economist with a personality -- in a public, in your face, I'm not worried about my reputation, way?

@ Leo:
When not in college I work at a major US bank. Laziness and Dead Weight Loss are rampant.

Tullock may have labeled Caplan "Stalin and Mao,"
thereby making him the most respected around,
but I think Gordon himself is more interesting
than Bryan Caplan.

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