Imagining the 10th Dimension

Here is a nice flash animation explaining the meaning of the zeroth to tenth dimension.   


So, go to this page:

Scroll down to the bottom, where it says "Preamble." Specifically, he says:

"The theory of reality that I advance on this website and in the book 'Imagining the Tenth Dimension' is not the one that is commonly accepted by today's physicists."

It's nonsense, and it's disturbingly hard to find someone debunking this site on the internet.

There is a seminal work and book called "The n-th dimension" written by an IBM Fellow. I've seen him lecture about it, highly recommended.

The math (which is not easy) has the basis that the 0-th dimension is time. If the point has no time, it hasn't exisited yet.

We actually use 11 dimensions in nuclear reactor physics today. Most theorists and authors that talk about it have no idea (nor can even visualize beyond the 5th or above without starting to lose their minds) and should be stopped before the 4th.

Pure dribble still exists, but for a period of time,
Bob Mehoff (my brother Jack was better known).

I am not a rockey scientist or anything but even thinking that this is true is so stupid. There is no possible way that u can take possibilty and make it truth. Which this author is trying to do. This is just another Divinci code plain and simple. x

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