Luxury goods

…very early on Arnie called me into his office for some reason, and I had an interview with him.  He told me that I was a luxury good and that I didn’t do business.  I did theoretical economics and it wasn’t something that business schools could really support, and he did it in a very obnoxious way that really pissed me off.  And I said "—- you, Arnie."

That is David Cass, from William Barnett and Paul Samuelson’s new book Inside the Economist’s Mind: Conversations with Eminent Economists.  Their version of the quotation adds a "f" but not the three further letters.

Mostly this book bored me, but only because I know so much about the subjects already.  If you know less about them than I do, but know enough about them that you care, you might find it fascinating.


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