Markets in everything, canine edition

Ice cream maker Good Humor and pet food producer Pedigree have announced plans to produce ice cream sandwiches for dogs.

Apparently this is not a stupid pet snack. The companies said they needed a special formula for the dairy treats, as many dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot easily digest regular ice cream.

Here is the story, and thanks to Robert Stewart for the pointer.


The Dairy Godmother (in nearby Del Ray) offers puppy pops for the neighborhood dogs-

They are made from "plain yoghurt, peanut butter and banana. Since many dogs are lactose intolerant, we use yoghurt because the active cultures are beneficial to digestion."

My dogs like them so much that they try to drag me into the store every time we walk by.

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martin, there is already a market here. I have bought doggie ice cream treats from other manufacturers before. The doggie ice cream sandwiches could be a good solution to the annoyance of extracting the dog from the empty cup at the end.

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Ice-cream sandwiches make sense - especially if you consider that a company is planning to sell premium bottled water for your pets !
Check it out here:

and here is the company:

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I like cats.

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That's easy -- just expose yourself to enough radiation that it changes your DNA, causing you to fail the paternity test.

Disclaimer: Consult your physician before taking this almost certainly lethal dose of radiation.

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