Links, mostly from the UK

1. How stores encourage consumers to swarm.

2. What we are learning about price stickiness.

3. Autism and assortative mating.

4. Jane Galt on nationalized health insurance in the U.S., and the VA.

5. How rich are you, by global standards?

6. A summary of the recent debate on social democracy, with commentary.


$850 is the average. I'll take the High Definition TV. As if we needed more educated Angolans to take our jobs!

The byline to number 3 should be yes, yes, my brother is leave me the f*ck alone

The 'assortative mating as possible cause for increased autism' hypothesis has been
proposed previously, but it doesn't square with the data. The increase has been too
large and too widespread. Not that it couldn't be a small contributing factor, but the
main problem lies elsewhere...

Any income above $200,000 will make you the 107,565th richest person according to the site.

US $105 per year and you are the 590,571,428,5.8 richest person in the world! Wait - huh? Guess they didn't expect many poor dirt farmers to be on the web... :)

@ Children are a burden on the working population also. So more old people and fewer children is not necessarily a bigger burden.

Posted by james b. shearer at November 14, 2006 7:52

A child is less of a burden than an elderly person.
A child is a temporary burden who will soon be productive.
A retiree is a permanent, increasingly expensive burden.

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