Why do people live in cities?

Someone I was talking to — no I can’t tell you who — claims that the answer is to enjoy casual or anonymous sex.

Now this is not my field of expertise.  The claim was that picking people up in the suburbs, and driving to one of the homes for sex, is difficult.  MapQuest is not immediately handy for good directions, there are two cars in play, at least one of the persons may be drunk, and there is a trust issue of being trapped in some weird suburban cul-de-sac, surrounded only by sleeping, catatonic soccer moms with no one to hear you scream for help, etc.

In a city, on the other hand, there is walking and the metro or subway.  An emergency exit is easier, and cars need not come into play at all.

I have never lived in an American city, only Freiburg, Germany and Wellington, New Zealand.

Noble readers, is this true?  Do be analytical, facts are fine but I am not interested in risque comments per se.


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