Markets in everything

Young, good-looking, and available for around 150 euros
(£100), more than 300 would-be protesters are marketing themselves on a
German rental website.

They feature next to cars, DVDs, office furniture and holiday homes.

Here is the story, and thanks to both Divya, Michael Flynn, and Tim Fowler for the pointers.  Here is what they do in India.


wait are you serious you give only the euro and pound conversions? You sir are unamerican

Generations ago in Italian-American immigrant communities, older women would accept money to attend wakes and cry over the dead bodies (in most cases people they didn't know). Having a sufficient number of crying mourners at a family member's wake was a mark of status within the communities, and in some cases it was necessary to bring in hired help.

Prof Cowen is amazing - that second link is something I supplied 20 months ago!

Don't forget this happens in America as well.

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