Assortative mating

Last month the New York Times’ David Leonhardt published a fascinating article, listing 13 young (untenured) in his piece The Future of Economics Isn’t So Dismal… 

Of the 13 up-and-coming academic economists, six are married to each other.  For example, Chicago’s Emily Oster is married to fellow Chicago economist Jesse Shapiro.  Not only that, Dr Oster is the daughter of two economists, Yale’s Ray Fair and Sharon Oster.  Talk about keeping it in the family.  The other two couples were MIT’s Amy Finkelstein and Harvard’s Benjamin Olken, and Berkeley’s Ulrike Malmendier, and Stefano DellaVigna.

Wharton’s Justin Wolfers,
by the way, has a partner with a PhD in economics from Harvard, who
worked for two Federal Reserve banks and who is now an Assistant
Professor of Business and Public Policy at Wharton: Betsey Stevenson.  So that means over half (7 out of 13) of the rising US economic stars have an economist as partner.

Here is the link.


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