My media secrets

I’m not going to cite "the usual sources," most (all?) of which I read, so please don’t be offended if you write for them or edit them.  When it comes to media, I also love the following:

1. Entertainment Weekly; I devour it immediately upon arrival, there is no periodical I look forward to more.  I often disagree with their reviews, but I can always interpret the bottom line.  The coverage of good TV is without peer.

2. Fanfare, reviews of classical music, the reviewers maintain an impossibly high standard.  I read it the night it arrives, and I click on Amazon to get what I want, end of story.

3. New York magazine; it has proved itself consistently interesting, and I don’t even live in New York.

4. The modern love column for The Sunday New York Times; here is one example.  I read it closely every week.  I just ordered the book.

5. The marriage announcements in The Sunday New York Times.  I only read a few each week, but they keep my perspective real, albeit totally skewed toward the upper classes; the combination with the photo is essential.  To the extent that this is the real news in a given day, our world is a healthy place.

6. Variety magazine by far the best movie reviews.  Unlike newspapers, they don’t confuse how good the movie is with how popular it will be.  Expensive but worth it, plus the foreign coverage is first-rate.

7. The Art Newspaper, all the news in the world of museums, auctions, antiquities law, art fairs, and exhibits.  It is written at a very high intellectual level.

What am I missing?  I don’t find Spin that useful any more, World Beat has stopped arriving, then there are the science magazines, Discover and SA are favorites.


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