The Economics of *Lost*

I start with the obvious: he is 51 and never married.  So the "foreign woman" bit probably is an artifice to avoid admitting bachelorhood is his preferred long-run equilibrium.  Beyond that, he should seek out a reliable third party certifier.  One is Uncle Sam; Natasha was a longstanding U.S. citizen when we married.  But if he seeks a non-citizen, parents are possible certifiers.  He should go to India but not even try to meet Indian women.  He should try to meet Indian parents.  Yes he may be given the worst daughter but at least he gets someone who is still part of her family. 

What traits should he look for in a foreign woman?  He should avoid countries which lost the Cold War.  Avoid women met in hotels or hotel rooms.  Avoid countries which generate large amounts of spam.  Hepatitis counts as a minus.  How about a plus for women who work in agriculture?  Any other advice?  Readers, feel free to pile on…

Addendum: Here is an excellent article on seeking a bride in the Ukraine, via Jason Kottke.  It does not refute my hypotheses.


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