Why Oscar speeches are so boring

The audience is too supportive, and we perform better in front of strangers or even a hostile crowd.  Here is further explanation.


Hmm. A hostile crowd, you say...

Prof. Cowen, you are an idiot. Your views are trite and unoriginal, your politics incoherent and unwise, and your writing has all the flavor of cardboard. None of us trust you, and in fact outside of this comments space we openly mock you, your work, and your views.

There, that ought to be good enough to keep this blog interesting for another few months.

So, the next Oscar awards should be at the Republican National Convention?

David Letterman is famous for refusing to let anyone he knows in person sit in the actual audience. They are required to stay in the green room during taping.

Whether it works for him is an exercise for the reader.

thank you very much for this article

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