Amazon and Tivo

I have long been skeptical of the potential for movie downloads but Amazon and Tivo have made a huge step forward in solving the major problems.  I reported earlier that Tivo connects to a home wireless system which means that I can program Tivo from work.  Yesterday, I rented a movie from Amazon.  The movie downloaded automatically via my home computer to Tivo.  Downloading still takes hours so it’s not on-demand service but I rented in the morning and watched the movie that night and I watched on television not some dinky computer screen.  The picture quality was good, albeit not as high as DVD.  Dramas, comedies and anything you would have watched on cable TV anyway are fine – save the action flicks for DVD.  What impressed me most was that the system worked flawlessly the first time, without any computer hack work on my part.

Bravo Tivo, Bravo Amazon.


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