Who is healthy?

From MR comments:

Japanese Americans have the longest measured life expectancy on this
planet.  Mormons live 10 years longer on average than Europeans.  Black
men in the US live 8 less on average than Hispanic men…they [Americans] can get
“cheap” European care if they like, just create extremely bad American
HMO insurance, or don’t buy health care at all and go to Public
hospitals.  The reason the European systems are cheaper is not that they
magically have less costs, it is that they give the consumer much less
health care.  Of course the people in the US that go to public hospitals
in the US are not the same kind of people that consume government
health care in Europe.  This makes the health outcome different, even if
the quality of the health care is not.

Link here.  Another reader writes:

The single largest group (30% of all the [un]insured) are Hispanics. 
Hispanics have the same (actually slightly higher) life expectancy as
the average American.

Life expectancy statistics are tricky, but these claims hold up under the scrutiny of Google.  More importantly, the claims "sound right wing" but actually they provide the best argument for single-payer health insurance to be found: "The link between health and health care is murky, so let’s just save money on our health system."

That is another example of Stories You Won’t Often Hear

I’ve yet to see a fully convincing answer.  Of course this is not the kind of low-cost, government-run system we would end up with in the United States, but we can still debate whether Europe should switch to some other system, and for the time being perhaps the answer is no…

Should they simply wait for the day when health care matters more than it currently does?


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