I Used to Believe

What silly notions did you believe as a kid?  Here is a long list, supplied by volunteers, look to the left for extra links.  Here is one good example of many:

I believed that Girl Scouts could arrest people as the police could, and that Boy Scouts could go to war.

I used to believe that it was the wedding ring which somehow caused children to come (really, and yes I was worried about what this meant for traditional scientific theories of causality).  I also used to believe that a baseball shortstop had to be short, and that dealing with adult life — just the simple mechanics of paying bills and the like — would prove immensely complicated and perhaps beyond my capabilities.

I used to claim — but not believe — that my invisible friend Bing Bing lived under the refrigerator.

The pointer is from the always interesting www.geekpress.com.

What did you once believe?


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