Life at teaching colleges

Amber asks:

You have written about how to (and who should) become an economist at a research university, but what are the differences for those at teaching colleges?  How much are they expected to publish?

I would like to hear from the bloggers and commentors at teaching colleges.  My aggregated sense is that teaching colleges expect more publishing, or even more fundraising, than before.  That said, five non-top tier articles is probably enough at most teaching schools, provided of course you are a good teacher.  As to who should work at a teaching school, the naive answer — those who love teaching — is essentially the correct one.

My warnings about teaching departments would concern their size and the departmental cliques; I am a fan of anonymity and sorting, which is most likely in larger departments.  Teaching schools tend to be small schools, and if you are on the outs, life can be pretty tough. 

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