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I love China, and I love braised pork belly.  That’s why we have China Fact of the Day, and that is why I eat and cook so much Chinese food.  (French food is its only rival.)  The pragmatic optimism of the Chinese is a delight.  It’s a shame about the Great Leap Forward and all that other stuff.  I never get tired of reading books on Mao, the recent biography and the one by his doctor are especially good.  Chinese opera has marvelous quivering timbres, although they are usually ruined by electrification and by recording.  The Story of Qiu Ju is my favorite Chinese film, although there are many good ones.  Soul Mountain is my favorite Chinese novel.  China is also the future of Western classical music.  Tang horses are overpriced but still they are amazing and subtle.

Here is why China will not take over the world, sadly the trip to Shanghai still awaits us.  By the way, their nominal exchange rate peg is not a real peg in the medium- to long-run.

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