The Democratic party wants to help me

House Democratic leaders, in an effort to upstage Republicans on the issue of tax cuts, are preparing legislation that would permanently shield all but the very richest taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax, which is likely to affect tens of millions of families as early as next year if it is left unchanged.

Here is more.  Of course this rather non-egalitarian policy, very costly in terms of revenue, is the Democratic attempt to reward their wealthy urban and suburban supporters.  One response — common in the contemporary blogosphere — is to press the Democrats to become more and more "progressive."  Another response, more popular on, is to accept modest aspirations for politics and look to entrepreneurship, trade, and productivity growth for progressive gains.

It was ugly what years and years of power did to the Republican Party.  The particular interest groups will differ, but I do not understand why the progressives expect anything better from the Democrats.


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