Markets in everything, or markets that will fail?

On-line flirting.  You bid with real-valued points for the chance to contact members of the opposite sex.  You lose points if you bid for women beyond your reach, you can get more points, it seems, by watching more advertisements.  But is staged flirting any fun at all?  And should a woman be more impressed if you can bid with more points? 

Thanks to Jerry Brito for the pointer.


I don't understand the reason for a market can easily go out and flirt with anyone...ehitting on people makes sense if you're trying for a relationship and need to check off a long list of compatibility things, but to flirt? You just need another person.

This book
suggests that the market is doomed to failure because it requires men to signal interest, as opposed to signaling disinterest and value.

Well, after signing up, I discovered that there is only one other person on the site in Baltimore. And it's a dude, which doesn't really help me.

And therein lies the problem with making a site like this invitation-only - if you want a site where the goal is to meet new people, especially people physically close to you, and the number of members is limited, the chances of meeting someone is also limited.

This market seems backwards to me. If you have watch advertisements to gain points to flirt, it seems that the woman would choose the person who bid the lowest amount of points. He is too busy to gain points or does not care enough to bid any higher. In either case the woman is then striking higher on her scale, while a man bidding a lot of points is reaching too high above his scale and is likely to lose in the long run.

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