Technology, positive liberty, and negative liberty

Randall Parker wrote an interesting sentence:

To state my argument at a philosophical level:  Technological advances increase what one can do with one’s positive liberty and by doing that they increase the ease which people can violate  negative liberty.  This rift came as a result of reading a post by Tyler Cowen on positive and negative liberty.

He has further rapid speculations:

Will rejuvenation therapies lead to such a huge
boost in the world’s population that even the industrialized countries
will fall back into a Malthusian trap?   On Darwinian grounds this seems
inevitable.  I’ve previously argued that natural selection will reverse the trend of declining fertility in industrialized countries.
Combine that selective pressure with bodies that stay young for
centuries and a population explosion seems inevitable unless either
humans get wiped out by robots or a world government decides we do not
have an unlimited right to reproduce and enforces restrictions on

What is nature’s only hope?  That rich people decide that owning
their own unspoiled rain forests is a hugely status enhancing form of
consumption.  Show your benevolence and wisdom by buying half the Amazon
and let your friends visit its untamed wildness.


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