Coasian movie reviews

I bet that if the Sandman and Spiderman could have just gotten away
from their positional stances (“I need to take money” and “I need to
catch crooks” respectively), to their underlying interests (“I need to
help my little girl” and “Dude, I’m all about helping the people”),
they could have found some common ground.  There was opportunity there,
and it could have saved a lot of expensive plate glass and I-beams and
cars being thrown about.

I do think the Sandman didn’t open
his mind to lot of options that became available to him when he got
particle-ized.  I understand that you do what you know, and he had
conceptualized himself as a thief and a fugitive.  Maybe those were his
most lucrative options when he was a man, but as Sandman, I don’t think
he had to be an outlaw to make a ton of money.  Considering his
strength and versatility, I bet any construction firm would have hired
him in a flash.

Here is more.  Here is my earlier post, The Macroeconomics of Superman.


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