Dani Rodrik replies on free trade

Here is his long post, his introduction reads as follows:

The question, if I understand is correctly, is whether I
think trade policy–and in particular trade policy which departs from free
trade–can ever do some good in a world where purely political motives and
rent-seeking are rampant.  My answer is
yes, but let me build my case point by point.

Here is one of his closing paragraphs:

…let me note the irony in how a discussion on free
trade among economists quickly ends up being a debate on its politics–that is,
a debate on whether this or that trade policy which on economic grounds is
actually desirable can also be politically feasible.  We are way beyond our area of expertise.  Your
hand-waving is as good as mine.

Here is my original query.  Read his whole response, comments are open, do let us all know what you think…


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