Danish economists

1. Esther Boserup: A female economist from the 1970s, she revised Malthus and her book argued that population pressures stimulated technological progress in agriculture.  She was a precursor of Julian Simon and also a pioneer of work on economics and gender.

2. Frederik Zeuthen: A mathematician and early game theorist from the early 20th century.  He developed the idea of a bargaining zone, how to incorporate "free" commodities into general equilibrium theory, and refined the theory of monopolistic competition.

3. Carl Iversen: He wrote in the 1930s on international capital movements and was a founding member of Mont Pelerin.  A neglected and underrated figure.

Jesper Jespersen is a reasonably well-known post-Keynesian.  More recently there is Bjorn Lomborg, who am I forgetting?


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