Guest Blogger: Kevin Grier

We are delighted to have Kevin Grier guest blogging with us this week.  Kevin is a pioneer in the political economy of macroeconomics.  Kevin’s early work on political business cycles established that politicians do attempt to manipulate the economy via the money supply.  Later, in a series of papers with Tony Caporale, Kevin showed that changes in the real interest rate can be explained via political regime shifts.  My favorite paper of Kevin’s is Congressional
Influence on
Monetary Policy: An Empirical Test
(JME 91, subs. req.) which is a great example of how to combine different types of evidence to convincing effect.  But Kevin’s greatest contribution to economics?  Well, I am to modest to say and no doubt Kevin is too embarrassed.

Kevin is also an expert on low-watt tube amplifiers, check it out here.  Welcome Kevin!


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