How banner ads work

A quick test: how many of you can name the product being advertised in
the banner ad at the top of the page?  Chances are, the ad’s presence
didn’t even register with most seasoned web browsers.  But that’s
probably okay, at least according to research that appears in June’s Journal of Consumer Research.
The research concludes that repeated exposure to a product via banner
ads generates a positive feeling towards that product.  The good news
for consumers is that a critical reevaluation of the product can make
these positive feelings vanish.

Here is more.  I’ve also thought that clicking to make the ad go away makes the ad, in terms of your subconscious, more effective than watching it.  Once you associate the ad with feelings of control, the product becomes something you can deal with.

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On the contrary, if I have to interact with an ad, I have feelings of annoyance and time wasted. Nothing's as bad as a banner ad that uses sound, but click through ads are often sufficient to deter me from reading an article or a website, in much the same way 15 minutes of herbal viagra and loan shark commercials an hour ensure that the only radio I listen to is community supported.

Thanks to Adblock Plus, I didn't even have to ignore it, though.

Ad, what ad? I also use adblock plus ;) Wonderful tool. I also only allow javascript on sites I know to be trustworthy, so no pop-ups.

Prior to that the ones that really annoyed me were those windows that animated themselves onscreen and you had to physically close down.

Banner Ad?
God invented AdBlockPlus so I would not have to see syndicated banner ads.
The only adverts I allow to pass are those served up by the website itself.

As another Firefox user, I stopped to think about what ad I had seen. I remembered one about "history maps" or something (History Shots) but that was on the side, not the top.

I ended up clicking on it, just so I could read the fine print. And because it looked interesting.

Another happy Firefox+Adblock Plus user.

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