Munger for Governor!!

My grad school officemate, friend, and co-author Michael Munger (better known as the Chair of Duke’s Political Science department and North American editor of the journal Public Choice is running for Governor of North Carolina). Sadly for Mike, when he chose among the many parties clamoring for him to be their standard bearer, he chose the Libertarian Party, which is not even on the ballot in the state!

Actually Mike is running to get the Libertarian Party back in the long term political debate in NC and is engaged in a signature drive to get the party on the ballot. Although I doubt that any libertarians read MR, I thought I’d give Mike a shout out and see if any supporters might emerge (NC natives for signatures and votes and true friends of liberty anywhere for $$$). 

By the way, Mike’s previous elected offices include being President of the Wash U. economics grad student association (which I’m pretty sure he rigged. I know for sure he rigged the election of his successor because I had massively stuffed the ballot box for a candidate who didn’t win) so he may well be OVER-qualified for the post he seeks.

C’mon people, we can’t let this happen:



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