The Big Donor Show

A 37-year-old woman suffering from an inoperable brain tumor wants to
donate a kidney before she dies and will choose the recipient from
among three contestants on Dutch national television, a TV network said
Tuesday, claiming it wants to highlight a crisis in organ donations.

From CNN.  Hat tip to Ed Lopez at Division of Labor.


Reality TV deciding life or death now? A contestant must say why his/her life is more valuable than the others? Despicable.

I could think of many other ways to highlight the organ donations crisis, to say they are performing a public service is vile rubbish, it's all about making money.

One not unimportant detail you forget, Tyler: people watching the show can vote by sms who of the children (indeed, the contestants are children) will receive the kidney.

Last week I voted on whether or not to approve a 4% increase in my localities' school budget.

I'm guessing that, if I watched the show, I'd be better qualified to chose the kidney recipient than I was, when I pulled the lever, to know whether my tax dollars were being put to optimal use by the school district.

Instead of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" we get "Who Wants to Live Long Enought to Grow Up?"

Nope, this isn't a broken system.

This certainly has a horribly casual air about it, for such a tragic situation. But it graphically illustrates the organ shortages we all know to be common, but mostly unseen... (and mostly unnecessary!)

And the previous commenter's note that he votes at a polling both with less useful info than a viewer will have after watching this show... is quite telling, is it not?

Adrian, if your faith in the public's decision is so low, why are you so concerned about which stranger on a different continent is chosen? Are sick children inherently more important than television viewers? If they get the kidney and live a normal life, won't they turn into the same worthless amoral people?

You seem to be overly concerned with individuals that you don't know for someone who barely acknowledges the humanity of a larger group of people.

The people who are outraged about this, seem to me, to be the same kind of people who get outraged about cock-fighting or bull-fighting, but enjoy a good chicken dinner or steak. Of course, the animals in the industrial farming process suffer far more than the fighting bulls or the fighting chickens... we don't really have a problem with animals suffering for our enjoyment, we just don't want to face the reality of it.

Likewise, people desperatly competing and groveling to get an organ, with most of them going to die, is the everyday reality... it just happens behind closed doors. "Letting the people decide" happens too, because it is a government agency (of a presumably democratic government), that runs the show. You aren't outraged because of the show, you are outraged because the show is revealing a part of your reality that you are uncomfortable with.

Well i think the kid who neds the kidney most urgently hsould be given that thingh
Y having a contest for that.

The Broadcasting Station BNN is young and progressive. The Ducth are ahead of discussion in contrast with other countries. And this is the way the young Ducth society handels problems in a modern way. They don't hold back and face the problem as it is. I think this is an unorthodox way to handle the donation shortage but the next generation of people is not orthodox, so older people will have to keep up with the youth

The donor show was a HOAX,

"However, at the last minute the programme's producers revealed on air that the woman starring on the reality show was an actress.

But the contestants trying to win the kidneys are genuine and are still in need of organs."


ron zijlemans

This show was absolutely disgusting.



THE DUTCH DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HUP HOLLAND HUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amsterdam juni 2nd
blablabla Mateja! There are people all over the world who are dying because of the shortage of kidneys! There have been many efforts to convince people to donate their organs, but that didn't lead to more donors. Now it is on the Dutch and European political agenda (maybe even on the world agenda). Today many people became donor and that what it's all about! People can go on with their lives and that is what counts the most! Do you know what I call immoral?? Healthy people who pass away and don't donate their healthy organs, because of the reason they have never thought about donating (you don't have to donate, it still remains your own choice). As we say in Holland: this aim sanctifies the resources. The message isn't that people have to fight for their lives. NO not at all. The message is that donors can help other people. We can help each other! The woman is owner of her own organs and have the right to choose what to do with them! We can't prevent that right according to the dutch constitution. And that is something we shouldn't want to do. It is only legal to limit someone right if he/she harm other people, but the person in case doesn't harm anyone, she only help other people. It's a pitty for the other contestants, but thats'life! They got nothing to loose! And we all got nothing to loose by broadcasting this program!


decision is good but way may not be that much great

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