A Lesson in Economics on Father’s Day

"How did your bake sale go?" I asked my 8-year old son. 
"How much did you sell the chocolates for?"
"I’m not sure."
"You’re not sure?  Why not?"
"Well, I kept raising the price"
"Really?  How come?"
"Dad," he replied with exasperation, "supply and demand."


A conversation with my then 5 year old nephew playing with his toy cars...

"What are the cars doing Liam?"
"They're lining up at the gas station."
"Oh, is the gas expensive?"
"SIGH, they're lining up because the gas is CHEAP!"


I think the world pretty much divides into those who, even as kids, are economic realists and those who never quite get over the discomfort of pricing their goods or sevices.

I bet you didn't let that get in the way of your belief that your parental authority is absolute, jurisnaturalist...

How I Knew I'd Been In Consulting Too Long ...

Me: Meg, please don't scribble on the walls.

Meg (aged three): Don't micromanage me!

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