Can this work? High state-level fines for driving offenses

Say you are driving 78 mph on the Capital Beltway and a state trooper
tickets you for "reckless driving — speeding 20 mph over."  You will
probably be fined $200 by the judge.  But then you will receive a new,
additional $1,050 fine from the Old Dominion, payable in three
convenient installments.  So convenient that you must pay the first one
immediately, at the courthouse.

Coming to Virginia, July 1.  Imagine all the people braking as they cross the Potomac coming from Maryland.  The argument against, of course, is simply that traffic cannot work at 55 mph and this puts too much discretion into the hands of police.  Or will some poor offenders simply flee and set off a police chase?  (If you can’t pay the fine you lose your license.)  The goal of the fines is to fund state-level public works and perhaps the precedent is not ideal either.

Addendum: Larry Ribstien piles on.


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