Planet Earth

The first disc of this BBC-produced nature series blew me away, buy it here.  Amazon calls it "quite simply the greatest nature/wildlife series ever produced," and no it doesn’t matter that the narrative is at a fourth-grade level and fails to mention the Hotelling rule or the tragedy of the commons.


Does Hotelling's rule apply often in nature? I had no idea.

Could you point us to a decent definition of Hotelling's Rule?

So the narrative is at the 4th grade level. As an avid watcher of (and at-home participant in) the TV show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?", I would say that's an entirely appropriate narrative level for a mass market documentary.

Make sure to watch it in High Def on a large screen tv. The ocean and river episodes are simply stunning. Also, the bird of paradise is the coolest creature on earth.

Turn off the sound and put on some music, it's much more enjoyable, though Sigourney's voice is somewhat soothing. Visually it's the best nature series I've ever seen and though many shows aren't, this one is definately better in HD.

If you got caught by Planet Earth, then I also recommend BBC's Blue Planet about the ocean life.

I second pinus' suggestion of Blue Planet. I watched it before I started to watch Planet Earth, and my girlfriend and I found it far more interesting.

The show blew us away too (the DVDs are the Attenborough narration. The Weaver narration is grossly inferior but good and kudos to her for taking on the role on man has so defined). But I feel the same way about it as for _Blue Planet_ by the same group: the video is _incredible_, so incredible that you have to buy it and will watch it over and over again. But the documentary sucks. Viewed back-to bak against an Attenborough (and we have them all), it's _weird_ how _wrong_ they get the timing and "feel." So hey often have to go over the same concept twice or do it terribly. Weird since the expensive, hard part is the part they did well, and, hell ,they _hired_ the master of the "easy" part, to do the narration, for cryin' out loud.

So I've actually told a bunch of people, just go get the DVDs. But in a cerain way I still think Tyler's very wrong in his evaluation of the series.

The images in the film are simply remarkable. I watched it in standard definition at school in Chicago, then came home and watched it in HD... the difference cannot be understated. I'm sure the DVD is good, but if you've got a friend with an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player, do yourself a favor and rent the series.

And yes, the narration was a little bit... inferior, one might say.

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